Whether you have an Identity in place or just starting your business and need to establish a brand, we have you covered. Your logo is the most important aspect of the whole signage process so designing around your sign fabrication saves you time & money.


Before any sign can be built, it must first start as an idea, concept, to reflect your business. This is our specialty, it's why we've been serving you for 40 years, we LOVE SIGNS. Our design team is passionate about your sign being seen and to stand apart from the rest


The Municipality your business is in primarily requires a permit for all signage. From our concept drawings, we are equipped to handle this process for you. Providing installation for your custom signage brings our services to a full turn-key solution.


What your signage is built from is just as important as the product you sell. We'll work with you to ensure the best materials are used for your specific application, whether it be temporary or permanent, there are options to fit every budget.


EVERY sign needs some TLC. After your new signage is installed, having a regular upkeep is the key to longevity and keeping it at it's prime, working hard for you everyday. We also offer our services to other contractors and third parties. If you're looking for repairs, maintenance, electrical, cleaning or painting, contact us today!


Tommy Brooks may be one the Lowcountry’s most prolific designers you’ve never heard of. As the co-owner and designer for Brooks Signs, he and his team have spent the last 35 years adding familiar landmarks to the area’s scenery. Their work welcomes you to I’ON, Jack’s Cosmic Dogs, Copper Penny, Mount Pleasant, City of Charleston parks, and loads of other businesses, neighborhoods, and historical sites.

Tommy, an Art Institute of Atlanta grad, got his start in the 1970s, spending several years working for a local sign company before teaming up with his brother, Wally, who was running the nightclub Big Wally’s Carriage House on Market Street—to launch their own business. Back then, hand-lettering ruled the market, and Tommy ran the design end, while Wally managed manufacturing. “It’s kind of sad that hand-lettering is nearly a lost art, but new technologies and machinery have allowed us to come up with even more crazy-creative ways to build signs,” Tommy says. “And sitting and painting every single sign was pretty nerve-racking!”


Today, working out of a Huger Street warehouse, the brothers and their staff of nine have created everything from metal historical markers to window graphics (such as the stunning scales that covered the glass at Candlefish throughout its interior construction in 2014) to façade signs announcing businesses all over town. “I really love doing the handmade, one-of-a-kind items. It’s fun to figure out ‘how would you make this and what would you do to enhance it?’” says Tommy.

Over the years, they’ve made a point of giving back by working closely with religious organizations and nonprofits like Mepkin Abbey, One80 Place, and the Center for Birds of Prey. “We grew up being taught that there are a lot of people out there less fortunate than we are,” Tommy says. “It seems like the right thing to do.”

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Monument signs are a key component for your clients to first recognize your location. Every sign can be customized to fit your specific needs and budget. From individual signs to multi-tenant structures, the design possibilities are endless. We can create a unique concept or bring your own to the table, we'll work with your architect or designer.

SANDBLASTED signage is one of those styles that date back to the prehistoric days...well not really but it's been around. Using all types of wood & alternative substrates (cypress, mahogany, cedar, HDU, etc.), these are blasted or CNC routed to expose your identity. Usually hand-painted or sprayed with our automotive paint system.

ALUMINUM cabinets are the most common choice for industrial or modern styles and can outlast other materials. Internal aluminum framing is commonly used along with aluminum skin. These are prefect for internally lit channel letters or any other type of three dimensional lettering.




Right Angle or Blade Signs, are a great way to get your sign seen from both directions along your storefront. These can be produced from a wide range of materials as well, such as MDO sign-grade wood, aluminum, pvc, and even sandblasted wood. Even the support brackets can be fully customized to fit your identity.

Routed Letters can add a dramatic feel to any sign. That little bit of extra depth gives more interest to a plain logo or standard copy. Common materials are laser cut acrylic or pvc,

Channel Letters provide the most visibility since they can be internally lit. Front-lit illumination is the most common but there are many alternatives available with technology in LED's changing every year. Reverse-lit give a 'halo' effect while a Return-lit (sides) provide a higher impact from alternate angles.






Vinyl applications can be utilized in so many various ways such as contour cut colors (knife plotter) or full color digitally printed graphics. Using them in combination allows the client to have access to more creative freedom with their brand. Perfect for your storefront windows or anywhere a decal can be placed.

Full color digitally printed vinyl allows limitless design applications to come to fruition. This material comes in opaque as well as translucent, giving the freedom to internally light a sign where the image glows. Media types are available for walls, concrete or just about any substrate.

Vehicles are basically a moving billboard, perfect for your identity to get noticed. There are various ways to produce your image, from contour cut vinyl to full color digitally printed vinyl, wrapping partial or the entire vehicle. We have the production and design capability to deliver eye-popping graphics that get noticed.




We work with some the largest Real Estate companies in the Southeast along with other national home builders as well. Whether you're selling land, residential homes or even commercial buildings, we have you covered.

Project signs are the best way to show your community the information, progress and development. Custom designed to fit your specifications, these can include full color renderings of the finished location along with details including partners & selling points.

Similar to typical project signs, we can custom produce your field signage to the specifications that best fit your needs. Whether it's a standard 8' x 4' sign or a 16' x 8' billboard with all the bells & whistles, we have you covered.






Custom routed acrylic is one of the best materials for exterior and interior signage. Extremely durable coming with a lifetime guarantee, this product can be produced with your custom paint color, metal laminate or even a texture printed (interior). Laser, Water-Jet or CNC are common fabrication methods.

PVC fabricated letters are produced similar to acrylic and in some case, more cost effective. They can be painted a custom color or left the raw color the material can be made from. Primarily used for interior applications, PVC is lightweight and comes in up to a 2" thickness. It can also be engraved or carved into, giving it more depth.

Fabricated Metal letters are built to last. Available in the most common options such as aluminum, brass, bronze & steel. No matter what substrate that's chosen, these can be painted, brushed, polished or even custom paint processes like Cor-Ten or Patina finishes.  Whether custom cast or a flat cut process, we will ensure the right choice is made for your project.




ADA compliant signage is required per state law in many facilities and businesses. Typically, they're made from an acrylic / photo polymer substrate where the letters and braille are raised per ADA regulations. These are also custom produced to fit your project's specific needs.

Endless possibilities are available when utilizing combinations of acrylic. Directories are extremely important for customers and clients to find your business. Combining multiple substrates like pvc, acrylic & vinyl, allows our design team to fully customize the perfect product to compliment your identity and area.

Endless possibilities are available when utilizing combinations of acrylic. Directories are extremely important for customers and clients to find your business. Combining multiple substrates like pvc, acrylic & vinyl, allows our design team to fully customize the perfect product to compliment your identity and area.








Husk has been working with Brooks Signs since we opened in 2010. They worked with us to create our original signage using our developed logos and have since helped us grow with additional signs for our business over the years. The professionals at Brooks Signs listen carefully to what you are looking for and then guide you to come up with the best concept that works for your needs. They work with your timeline and follow through with all the necessary details, such as the how and where to hang the finished product. The finished product is of high quality and installed with your guidance. Following up after the sign was erected to make sure it was achieving the desired goal was a great way to finish the project. I look forward to continuing to work with Brooks Signs for any future needs.


BODE JAGER Head Greeter

Bode graduated with honors in 2020 and has come a long way in a short time. He heads up the quality department ensuring that your sign leaves here in perfect condition, except maybe a lick mark or two. he takes his position seriously from his chair, keeping us all in check and at the top of our game. When  not at work, he's having fun taking down huskies, marsh hunting, fertilizing the plants, eating anything he can, microfiber towel tearing, greeting all the ladies, and looking handsome.



TAMMY LAWRENCE Office Manager / Customer Extraordinaire

Tammy joined Brooks Signs over 17 years and provides complete administrative support to the team.  Just a small clue of what she brings is managing the office, the bookkeeping, answer the phone and beyond to make things run as smoothly as possible.  Outside of the office she enjoys spending time with my children and grandchildren.

AUSTIN JAGER General Manager

Austin began working in the sign business at a very young age. As the youngest of Tommy Brooks’s three step-sons, Austin worked many summers and winters in all aspects of the sign process before attending Virginia Tech. Austin graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering where he was set to become a race engineer for NASCAR. After college he took a career position in Montana. While living in Big Sky, his perspectives on a career began to shift towards creative and effective way to brand businesses. Austin rejoined Brooks Signs full-time in 2015, graduating to the role of General Manager in 2017. Austin enjoys to spend his free time enjoying the outdoors by fishing, biking, hiking, or sailing as well as finding interests in gardening and cooking.

SHANE LASBY Creative Director / Accounts Executive

Just over 25 years in the sign industry working with national & local companies, I've taken my experience plus vast knowledge and applied  it here at Brooks Signs, with whom I call family. Prior to returning in 2017 to Brooks Signs, I was blessed to spend nearly 10 years with this amazing team. I constantly strive to look for new ways to express my creativity and whether I’m playing guitar or breaking out the brushes, I must push the limits just to breathe freely.

I look forward to working with you and bringing your dream to reality.


my hobbies: art, yoga, surfing and music...

PRESTON McDANIEL Graphics / Sign Production

Preston McDanel is a production assistant with 2 years of experience at Brooks Signs with various projects around Charleston. Preston's flexibility and willingness to help others is exhibited in his multitasking abilities in the workplace. Preston is a University of South Carolina graduate and is proud to be born and raised in the low country.

JONATHAN ALCON Design Specialist / Account Executive

Jonathan Alcon joined the Brooks Signs family in 2018. He works closely with local businesses to develop signage solutions and to assist with brand management. In addition to being an intricate part of the creative team, Jonathan coordinates with several local municipalities for permitting and code compliance. When he’s away from his desk, you can find Jonathan drumming for various musical acts around town.

RYAN CONNELL Design Specialist / Account Executive

Ryan recently joined the Brooks Sign team in 2021 and brings with him 10 years of experience in the sign industry. He cut his teeth in the sign industry while in Hilton Head Island where you can see many of his past projects that include work with the town of Hilton Head, Disney resort and the HHI Fire department, to name a few.

Ryan likes to pride himself on his great attitude and willingness to go the extra mile for our clients. Outside of work you can catch him at the beach, hiking, and biking around the low country.

AL ATKINSON Sign Fabrication / Paint Guru / Quality Specialist

AL has been with Brooks Signs from the very start… well almost that is. He joined in 1989 and has been an asset ever since.  Having his hand in all aspects of the business is an understatement, and his plethora of knowledge can only come from decades of experience.  He is known around the shop as our Quality Control Specialist, under Bode that it is.


Brooks Signs is built on dedicated and professional employees, AL just helps set the bar.


STEPHEN BRUSH Fabrication Manager / Sign Genius

As the shop foreman and sign fabricator I'm responsible for taking care of the day to day operations in our shop production and timeline. Over the decade and a half I've worked for the Brooks Brothers, I've created many unique signs and enjoy the challenge each one brings on a daily basis.  Making sure every sign is as close to perfect before it leaves the shop is my number one priority and is something the owners, my co workers, and I hold as a very important value.


I look forward to bringing your brand to life!

TIM McCrary Lead Installation

Douglas Fix Installation / Boom Operator

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